Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amanda Shea

     Ok, so I've been sitting here debating on what picture of myself that I should post on my new blog. I was thinking gosh I don't have a good recent picture. Well, I decided to post a picture that absolutely describes me. According to my friend Reggie, my face tells it all. I didn't realize it, but this picture tells a lot about me. As you can tell by my facial expression, I am a goofy person if your around me long enough. I do enjoy dressing up and going out; however, sometimes a tshirt and jeans (well most of the time pajama pants) will do just fine. I am sitting outside with my hand stuck down in a pumpkin haha I do NOT care to get a little dirt on me. I am just your average down-to-earth girl. I don't mind being my goofy self because hey, that's me!
     I don't know why I decided to randomly start a blog. I just think I am a "blog person" haha. My friend, Jessica Pope, has a wonderful blog so hopefully I can learn some things from her! It's raining outside and I'm sitting on the couch in my pjs, what a wonderful time to create my own blog!! Well to begin with I guess I should tell you a little about myself, although there is a lot more to me than I can type.

* I am a Christian and I LOVE Jesus Christ with everything in me! He came into my heart when I was 8 yrs old. I am a member of Kelly's Chapel Baptist Church in Grove Oak. I have the best church family ever, I love them so much!!
* I attend Jacksonville State University where I am majoring in Elementary/Early Childhood Education.
* I am a very Concrete Sequential person. Lists are my thing...I make a list for just about everything and yes, I cross it off when I'm finished haha. I have gigantic planner where I write EVERYTHING down. I know some people probably think that is crazy but that is just the way I am! Part of being concrete sequential is analyzing things, I like to know what I am doing before I do it.
* Ummm I have a huge huge huge sweet tooth. I am trying very hard to work on that. The little debbie aisle at Walmart is Heaven, but I just look and go on :(. Why can't I like celery and broccoli as much as chocolate??
* I have two absolutely wonderful roomates, Jena & Ashley Bright...oh gosh I will have to do a separate blog on those two and the crazy times we have together. I  LOVE THEM!!
* I have big eyes, and I am starting to like them.
* I enjoy spending time on the river during the summer.
* Since I  moved to college I have became the biggest coffee drinker.
* Reading is one of my favorite things to do!! (When I can find time)
* I need to develop more patience, I know God is working in my life and has everything planned to work out in his timing.
* I tend to laugh at some of the dumbest things.
* I want a puppy, but my mom wont let me have one until I have my own place.
* I HATE driving!! My car is sooo long which makes it extremely hard to park. Yes, I've hit a parked car before.
Ok there is so much more about me, but that is enough for today. I'm excited about starting this blog. Hopefully, I will be able to come up with some ideas to blog about!! :)

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