Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Roomates

*Jena    Amanda   Ashley*
I could not have asked for two better girls to live with and share my college experiences with. I believe it was November 2007 that I met Jena and Ashley Bright and we have been friends ever since. I know for a fact that God places these two in my life for a reason. He knew that we would get along with each other perfectly! They attended JSU for a year and then asked me to move in with them Fall of 2010. Jena and Ashley get along better than any two sisters I have ever seen and I tell them that all the time.

It's amazing how well we get along. I promise you, us three can just sit in the living room with the tv off and have the time of our lives. We can just talk talk talk (even when we're supposed to be studying). We were all three raised up in good Christian homes and we share the same beliefs and morals. We hardly ever eat out while at school. Most of the time we cook meals and sit down at the table and eat together. We share all of our food and don't have to worry about who eats what. Having people like this to live with makes college so much more enjoyable. I had a friend come over and tell me, "y'all three just get along so well!" Now I will tell you a little bit about my two best friends.

Jena is 22 and she is majoring in Social Work. She has such a compassionate heart for the elderly and enjoys working with them. While I'm about to pass out when I see a needle, Jena can walk up to someone and just give em a shot. She really enjoys watching movies, I believe she could watch movies all night long and be content. Jena and I are alike in a lot of ways. We tend to tell our honest opinions on what we think. When I want to know an honest answer, I can just ask Jena. We can sit and chat about absolutely anything. We catch ourselves saying the most random things at the same time and then we just sit and laugh about it. Jena and I are both very anal about having everything organized. Let me tell you what, while it takes me and hr and a half to get ready Jena can wake up, take a shower, and be ready in about 30 min...blows my mind. I know that Jena will always be there for me and I can always go to her if I ever needed her and she would go out of her way to help me out. I love you Jena!!!

Looking for a brilliant Elementary teacher?? You got her right here. This girl is going to make a great teacher some day. Ashley is about to turn 21 and she is working on her student teaching right now and will graduate in April with her degree in Elementary Education. Ashley and I are also alike in so many ways. We share a lot of the same experiences in life and know how each other feels. Ashley is our cook. She cooks some of the best meals while Jena and I may make the mac n cheese or biscuits (the easy stuff) haha. Sometimes me and Ashley just get in the craziest moods and we act so goofy. Ashley is a very determined person, if she sets her mind to it...she will do it. I admire Ashley so much!! I love you Ash!!

Words cannot describe how much I love these two girls and cherish our friendship. I can tell these two absolutely anything and trust them with everything. I don't know what I'd do without them!!

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