Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hiking Sticks & Campfires

Spring Break 2011

This spring break, my friends and I went on a little camping adventure. My family owns a camper, so I talked my dad into taking it to the campground for a few days for us to stay in. It was a great time for some fun and relaxation away from school!!

Wednesday: Dad and I pulled the camper down on Wednesday and Jessica followed us there. I was amazed at how crowded the resort actually was. After helping set everything up, dad went home and it was just me and Jessica. Well we were really ready for Jena and Ash to get down with the FOOD. She and I ate a yummy cheeseburger at the cafe and decided to go ahead and build a fire while we wait on them to get there....well, we had no lighter to start the fire! We decide to drive to the gas station to go ahead and get a lighter and we pull up just a few minutes after closing time! We head back to the camper where we take a million self-timer pics to pass the time. And FINALLY the Bright girls arrive with some groceries and my sweet dad brought us a lighter to get a fire going.

Thursday: Thursday was our hiking day. We slept in, played some ping pong, packed our things, and headed on our adventure.

We drove over to the state park and chose which trail we wanted to hike on. There were many different paths, but we chose to take the Waterfall trail. Each trail was marked by a different colored arrow to help you stay on the bath. Lord knows we would've gotten lost if we didn't have something to follow, haha.
We're ready to go!!

Jessica and I before we headed back down.

I love my goofy friends.

Ashley is an expert rock climber!

Jessica and I traveled across this shabby tree.

After hiking, we drove back to the resort, put on our bathing suits, and got our tan on. It was so relaxing to sit outside in the sun reading a good book and looking at the water. For supper we grilled out, hamburgers and hotdogs. That night Molly got to come stay with us and she brought things for SMORES!! We were all so very excited about roasting the marshmellows until we realized we had nothing to roast them on. Jessica, Ashley, and I set out to find some sticks. A family at a nearby camper felt sorry for us and let us borrow their nice marshmellow roasters!! After we ate wayy too many smores, we made them some to thank them for letting us borrow their roaster. Later that night we ventured over to Town Creek and had a campfire with Kyle and some of his friends. This night/morning ended with a 3 AM trip to Waffle House haha, what great times!

After waking up Friday Jena, Ashley, Molly and I play an intense game of Phase Ten and then decide to go eat lunch at Applebees! After that they went to Crossville's baseball game and I went back to the camper.
Saturday afternoon, the Greesons and Bowers came down and we all grilled out for Anthony and my mom's birthdays. We had some wonderful food and some great laughs.

Overall, this was a wonderful spring break!! Spending time at the river with friends made me even more excited for SUMMER to get here!!

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  1. Looks like y'all had so much fun! I love your blog, I can't wait to read more!